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Original Prusa MK4

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Assembled 3D Printer

3D Printer Kit

Warranty2 Years in EU, 1 Year ROW - Built, calibrated, tested, and with a full warranty2 Years in EU, 1 Year ROW - Warranty on parts only
Owner Discount10% discount on subsequent orders of assembled MK4 printers and selected filaments (limited by five printer units and 30 spools of filament per year)5% discount on subsequent orders of selected filament (limited by 30 spools of filament per year)
SupportPremium 24/7 support via chat and e-mail + forumPremium 24/7 support via chat and e-mail + forum
Consulting and DocumentationPrinted version of 3D Printing Handbook.The best assembly instructions proved by thousands of builders, printed version of 3D Printing Handbook.
AssemblyReady to printFull Assembly Experience (6-8 hours), which teaches you how the printer works.

Main Features

High-speed printing with ease

High-speed printing with ease

Thanks to our own implementation of Input Shaper and Pressure Advance technologies in the MK4’s firmware, the printer can eliminate resonance in prints and predict the flow of the filament. The result is a decrease in print time by up to 70% compared to MK3. What's more, the printer is very quiet even at these speeds - check out the sub-20-minute Benchy video

Perfect First Layer on a First Try

Perfect First Layer Out of the Box

Thanks to the precise Loadcell sensor, MK4 can lay down a perfectly smooth and consistent first layer automatically without any user input. At the beginning of a print, the printer taps the sheet with the nozzle in a grid-like pattern to measure the distance and then calculates the correct offsets. The result is a perfect first layer on every surface, without manual adjustments.

The Nextruder with Breakout Board

The Nextruder with Breakout Board

Extruder is the heart of every 3D printer. And this is a special one. On most 3D printers today, replacing extruder components is a rather complicated process. With the new connector break-out board inside the Nextruder, all of the parts, such as fans, heaters, thermistors, etc., are connected directly there. If you need to swap anything, it takes just a minute.

32-bit xBuddy Mainboard

32-bit xBuddy Mainboard

Our new xBuddy board is a 32-bit STM32-powered mainboard with many great features. It has several unique hardware-based safety protection systems, communicates with four thermistors, has all important ports (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, works with USB-A flash drives) and more. The entire board was designed, manufactured, and tested in-house.

Exceptional Print quality

Exceptional Print quality

The MK4 comes with redesigned, more robust plastic parts and new precise 0.9° stepper motors (0.9° / step; low inductance) on the X and Y axes that help eliminate Vertical Fine Artifacts on prints. Plus, there are thicker 10mm rods on the Z-axis. The result is, that prints look better than ever and even printing with “problematic” filaments like Flex is a breeze.

Color LCD screen and simple UI

Color LCD screen and simple UI

MK4’s display supports G-code thumbnails, QR codes and other elements that make using the printer so much easier. We also redesigned many of the existing menus and added a customizable footer panel. Directly under the LCD, there is an RGB status bar to signalize the current status of the printer. Next to the LCD, there’s a USB-A port for standard USB flash drives.

Quick-Swap Nozzles

Quick-Swap Nozzles

Thanks to two quick-release thumbscrews on the side of the body of Nextruder, which holds the nozzle in place, you can swap nozzles easier than ever. The MK4 is using special nozzles with an all-metal filament guide (no PTFE tubes anywhere), which improves the overall reliability of the printer. Simple Nextruder-to-V6 adapter is available.

3d model in prusaslicer

Slice with PrusaSlicer

Our internally developed multiplatform slicer comes with in-house made and fully tested profiles for all of our 3D printers and a wide range of filaments. With built-in tools, such as organic supports, cutting, automated object distribution, ironing and many others, you will turn your 3D models into print files in no time!

seven diferent color filaments next to each other

Support for a wide range of Materials

The MK4 is fully compatible with a wide range of various types of materials. No matter whether you want to print something for fun from PLA and flexible materials, or you need to produce durable prototypes from PETG, ASA, Polycarbonate and Polypropylene - the MK4 can handle them without any problem.

Prusa Connect and Connectivity Options

Prusa Connect and Connectivity Options

MK4 is, along our other 3D printers, fully supported by Prusa Connect, which allows you to control the printer via internet. You can drag-and-drop G-Codes into the browser window to upload print files first into the cloud (each user gets 1 GB for free) and then transfer it into the printer’s USB storage and start the print remotely. All communication is encrypted.

6 reasons to choose the MK4


Great User Support

We offer 24/7 tech support via live chat and email in seven languages. Our printers come with detailed instructions and guides for easy assembly and maintenance. You can also visit our knowledge base, community forum, Facebook groups and official Blog, where we publish useful 3D printing tips and tricks, contests and more!


Fun to Assemble

The MK4 assembly kit is an excellent first step into the world of 3D printing. You will get to know your 3D printer inside out and find out how it works! The assembly is quite easy, requires no soldering, all cables are cut to length and ready to be plugged in. The assembly instructions are easy to follow and all of this makes the kit very friendly to younger builders, too!


Built-in Safety Features

Original Prusa 3D printers are well-known for their reliability and safe operation. Every part of our printers is thoroughly tested in-house. The MK4 is equipped with four thermistors and comes with a custom-built high-quality Delta power supply. The printer can recognize issues with heating and stop operation to prevent damage.


Open-source and Community Friendly

All parts of our printer are open-source, which means we publish all source codes and blueprints online. The community around our products is huge and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive - don't believe us? Check out Facebook groups and YouTube videos! There's so much to do with your 3D printer - buying it is just the beginning!


Quality Guaranteed by Josef Prusa & Prusa Research

Prusa Research is a 3D printing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded in 2012 by Josef Prusa, one of the core RepRap developers, as a one-man startup and grows to a 700+ team now. We develop our own hardware and software, invent, improve, tinker, experiment and do all sorts of awesome stuff. Read more on this page.



One of the most popular features of the Original Prusa concept is upgradability. When you buy our 3D printer, you can upgrade it later to a newer version, so you don't need to buy a whole new model every two years like, for example, your phone or laptop. We also keep supporting our 3D printers with regular firmware updates that bring new features!

Original Prusa enclosure

Original Prusa Enclosure

Original Prusa Enclosure is an accessory for your 3D printer that houses your Original Prusa MK4 and provides a stable printing environment. The Enclosure helps to reduce odors from certain materials, lowers noise, can be equipped with useful addons.

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What you can print with the MK4? Almost anything! Check out the inspiration and free 3D models for kitchen, living room, home decor and garden on

You can also browse amazing models from designers from all over the world submitted in thematic contests.




Whether you're maker, cosplayer, pop-culture fan, gamer, modeller or board-game player, MK4 can open up new possibilities for you.

On, you can share your designs and makes with others or download 3D models for free. Join us!


Original Prusa 3D printers are used in industries worldwide as efficient, easy-to-use, and reliable 3D printing workhorses.

Our cost-effective solution with simple maintenance is a perfect choice for everyone - from start-ups to the large international companies!




Join the tens of thousands of schools, universities, and other educational institutions worldwide that have adopted 3D printing! Explore the vast possibilities of this essential, state-of-the-art technology.

Read more case studies and examples of usage of the Original Prusa printers in education.

Architecture & Design

A quick and affordable way to create refined models with intricate detail. Free up the time of your skilled designers and let the 3D printers do the hard work.

Check out the videos and articles about leading designers and artists using our 3D printers in their work.




Modern-day automotive industry faces many challenges - from disrupted supply chains to rapid technology development and constant changes. 3D printing brings the necessary efficiency and flexibility.

Here are examples of where our 3D printers helped with the production and prototyping in the automotive industry.

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