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Spring Steel Sheet With Smooth Double-sided PEI

This product is a replacement Spring Steel Sheet With Smooth Double-sided PEI for the Original Prusa i3 MK3/S and MK2.5/S heatbeds.


The steel sheet color may differ from the product picture (black, gold, green, etc). The smooth PEI surface on the steel sheet, as well as all other properties, remain the very same for all color versions.

Not compatible with

The MK52 heatbed has embedded high Curie temperature magnets. These magnets are able to firmly hold removable spring steel sheets. The Spring Steel Sheet With Smooth Double-sided PEI uses the same PEI sheets as on the MK2/S. It is the best solution for printing PLA and it has great adhesion with almost all materials. The bottom of your prints will be smooth.

You can leave small marks on the print surface with your nozzle or tools, they will typically be shinier than the rest. It does not affect functionality or adhesion. However, if you want to have the same surface look on the whole printbed you can resurface it. The easiest way is to take the hard side of a dry kitchen sponge and wipe the affected area with a circular motion gently a few times.

Find more details about the spring steel sheets in our knowledgebase.


The steel sheet color may differ from the product picture (black, gold, green, etc). The smooth PEI surface on the steel sheet, as well as all other properties, remain the very same for all color versions.


Consumable parts, such as PEI sheets (smooth, textured, etc.) are not covered by warranty as the coatings are designed to diminish over time unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, cracks or other cosmetic damage is also not covered by the warranty. Only defective sheets on arrival are covered by warranty.

Tiny dots may appear on the PEI-Ultem steel sheet surface. These can slightly affect the finished print bottom surface. However, they do not impact the printing process, reliability in any way. We do not consider these dots a reason for a warranty claim.


Perfect for PLA

Do not clean with IPA before PETG
Release agent might be necessary

Great adhesion with almost all materials

You must apply glue stick when printing Flex

Smooth bottom of prints


Tiny details will stick great



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wolff johannes8 months ago

getting supreme adhesion for single walled objects with no bottom layer. HIPS (needs to be wiped with acetone after each print though) Also works really well for PLA (better results with 90% IPA wipe between prints than 99% IPA (has to do with stuff nonsolvable in IPA probably) Gives a very shiny finish on PLA (not what I'm looking for so I use textured sheets for PLA wchich works absolutely fine even with problemativ prints as long as you clean properly (!). Big advantage with this is that it can be cleaned with acetone. don't use acetone containing oil residues though!!!

Leshchev Oleg8 months ago

I have FLEX filament from "bestfilament" vendor that sticks so great that I can't even remove it after print without damaging both the sheet and part (and it had ridges on base). Makes it impossible to use. Also there are sometimes problems unsticking PETG parts without ridged base that are not massive enough to unstick by just flexing the sheet. So my sheet is all covered with marks of unsticking with spatula. Can't compare with other sheets though as I have only this one so far.

Hönow Katja
Hönow Katjalast year

I have been printing a lot on this spring steel sheet. It's really incredible how well everything sticks to it. Please take care to calibrate your first layer well in the live calibration settings on your printer. If you see fingerprints on the surface you will have to wipe it off with windex or IPA before you run your next print (PLA). Don't wipe with IPA prior to printing PETG. I did so and had a very hard time removing the PETG print that I ran right after wiping. For PETG I will try to clean and degrease it with a wet microfiber cloth with a little bit hand diswashing soap a and a second rub in order to get rid of the soap.

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