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SL1S resin sample prints

This box contains several sample prints from the most popular resins. Each print represents a different use of MSLA technology. Detailed miniatures, translucent parts, flexible or rigid, all these can be manufactured or prototyped using the Original Prusa SL1S 3D printer.

The following resins were used to print the sample objects:

Wide range of usage / PrimaCreator Flexible Clear, PrimaCreator Tough Light Grey

The SL1S SPEED can print from various resins with different mechanical properties, ranging from tough to flexible.

Transcluency / Prusament Resin Tough Transparent Red

Semi transparent resins are not only visually attractive, but also suitable for technical applications that require light reflection.

Ultra-detailed figures / Prusament Resin Tough Anthracite Grey

You will need a magnifier to see all these unbelievably small details shown on this war dragon! Nothing is too small to be printed with the SL1S SPEED!

Durable prints / Ameralabs TGM - 7

Are you in need of a material with high tenacity to test your mechanical designs? Look no further!

Detailed miniatures / Prusament Resin Tough Rich Black

With the SL1S SPEED, you can take things to the extreme! See this model with 0.025mm layers. Can you spot them?

Calibration objects / Prusament Resin Tough Prusa Orange

Unleash your creativity with the Original Prusa SL1S printer! You will be able to model and print almost any kind of complex geometry.

High contrast / Prusament Resin Tough Brick Red

When you want to print resin miniatures with plenty of intricate details, Prusament Brick Red is the perfect choice.


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