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Prusament PETG Jet Black 1kg

What can you expect?

Prusament PETG is our own in-house made filament. The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested - we guarantee ±0.02mm precision and highly-consistent colors. You can inspect parameters of every spool we made at Check the sample spool!

Manufactured In-House By Josef Prusa

We were not satisfied with the quality of filaments on the market. So we decided to make our own! Prusa Research is the only 3D printer manufacturer with its own filament production.

Premium-Grade Materials And Thorough Testing

The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested – string diameter, color consistency, and mechanical properties – to make sure that every spool is perfect.

± 0.02 mm Manufacturing Guaranteed Precision

We believe the industry standard of 0.05 mm isn’t sufficient for perfect 3D printing. Instead, we guarantee ±0.02mm precision and highly-consistent colors in our filaments.

High Quality You Can Check Yourself

We are the only manufacturer that gives the option to inspect parameters of every filament spool. Scan a QR code on the spool to see all details online (check the sample spool).


Read more about Prusament in the article at or at!

About PETG

PETG is a very tough material with good thermal resistance. Its use is universal but especially suitable for mechanical parts and both indoor and outdoor use. PETG has almost no warping, so printing large objects isn’t a problem. We use PETG to print parts for our printers!

PETG is one of our favorite materials for 3D printing. It’s almost as easy to print as PLA, but it can offer many mechanical properties that PLA prints just cannot achieve. The G in the acronym PETG stands for Glycol which is added during the manufacturing process. Glycol modifies the properties of PET, so that it’s easier to print, less brittle and clearer when printing with semi-transparent variants. PETG has low thermal expansion, so even when printing big objects, and without an enclosure, it rarely lifts from the bed and warps. In addition to that, PETG is ductile. It has a healthy amount of flex which can prevent parts from breaking under pressure.

Unlike PLA or ABS, PETG tends to ooze a bit and may leave strings of plastic on your print. You can fight this with increasing retraction and playing with hotend temperature, but if you use our filament presets in Prusa Slicer, we already did that for you and the amount of stringing is minimal. If you witness a tiny bit of stringing anyway, you can get rid of it by quickly blasting your finished prints with a heat gun.

If you can handle the oozing and strong adhesion, you’ll be left with a very durable print, that is considerably temperature resistant and usable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Printing Setup

Nozzle 250 °C
Heatbed 70-90 °C

Basic Attributes

High temperature resistance

Not suitable for tiny parts

Easy to print

Possibility of stringing

Low shrinking and warping

Poor bridging characteristics

Strength and Durability


Simple to sand



This PETG is made in-house by Prusa Research.

1.75 mm filament is manufactured with precision of +- 0.02 mm

Before printing, make sure the surface of heatbed is clean as described in 3D Printing Handbook.

The recommended maximum temperatures of drying for Prusament PETG are 60 °C for a minimum of 4 hours.


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Donner Nick19 days ago

Very good filament. When it is completely dry (or fresh out of the box, <7 days), the quality is wonderful. It strings very less in dry condition, which is usually a weakness of PETG, i've been told. I use the default prusa slicer settings for PETG and everything just works. But! You absolutely should dry it. I unboxed mine a week ago or so. Between prints it has been sealed in the bag it comes with (and with the bag of silica gel still in it). This was obviously not enough, as it already begins to print considerably less well. It strings like crazy, and the structure is foamy and rough. I did not expect it to get this bad this fast - considering that i already put it in a bag with silica gel when not used. This is why i only give it 4/5 stars. I am going to build me a dry print box and hope the bubbling goes away again, i have so much filament still left. And other than the foaming, i really like it overall.

Falconer Kyle
Falconer Kyle2 months ago

I love this stuff. It can create really nice and durable prints. Like all PETG, there is a chance of boogers, but it’s not nearly as bad as what you’d get with PETG from other manufacturers. I’m using this with a Prusa i3 mk3S. Setup is important: I like to brush the tip off just after it comes up to temperature and before it starts the mesh bed leveling process just to get rid of any excess. I also have used the silicone “E3D V6 Socks Pro” and this really helps avoid failed prints and keeps the printed part looking clean.

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