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ColorFabb varioShore TPU Red filament 700g


VarioShore TPU has a few main distinctive features: its variable shore hardness, reduced weight and density and soft touch. VarioShore TPU allows users to vary the density of the material by adjusting temperature and material throughput (speed & layerheight). At temperatures between 200 and 250C the materials will start to expand to roughly 1.4-1.6 times its original volume, which reduces the density to 0.7 to 0.9 g/cm³. This means the material can be printed at low flow rates (60-70%), to compensate the active foaming, which in return gives very soft printed parts. Between 190-200C the material can be printed without foaming, resulting in different haptics and harder prints compared to foamed samples. From shore hardness 92A(unfoamed) to shore 55A (maximum foamed).
Developed in co-operation with Lubrizol, varioShore TPU is a material ideally suited for printing cosplay parts for instance.

Please note that color variations may occur. Color will turn lighter when material is at maximum foamed state as opposed to non-foamed state which shows a deeper and richer color.

Printing Setup

Nozzle190 - 250 °C
Heatbed20 - 40 °C

Cooling fan

Use the least amount of cooling when maximum foaming is required. For better overhang performance use 50-100% cooling. We advise to use standard TPU settings as a base setting for developing your own pre-sets. Make sure the distance between nozzle and platform is not to small, especially if the material is being foamed while printing, the pressure will need to be released from the hot-end to prevent clogging and feeder issues.

Basic Attributes

Soft touch surface when foamedStringing /oozing due to foaming effect
Lower density when foamed 0.7 to 0.9 g/cm³Requires knowledge of the printing process to finetune settings
Wide span of elasticity from shore 92A to 55ATends to absorb moisture when foamed


  • Material: Colorfabb varioShore TPU
  • Spool weight: 700g
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 ± 0.1 mm
  • Filament length: ~ 335 m
  • Foaming factor: 1.4-1.6x depending on the temperature and speed
  • Glass transition temp: -20°C
In stock

Preparation time: 1-3 business days.

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