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Fiberthree F3 PA-CF Pro 15% Carbon fiber Filament 500g

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Technical filament from polyamide modified for 3D-printing made by Fiberthree.

Hardened stainless steel nozzle is highly recommended due to the abrasive compound. Regular brass nozzle can be damaged.

Material shows superior strength with remaining impact resistance. Recommended for all high-strength.

The carbon fibers reduce the shrinkage and the warping behaviour extremely.

Printed parts show an attractive matte surface finish.

Printing Setup

Nozzle 275-285 °C
Heatbed 60-70 °C

Basic Attributes

High impact and wear resistance

Requires hardened stainless steel nozzle

Low shrinking and warping

Higher price
Hard and tough


Highly attractive matt black surface    


The filament has to be kept dry for reliable print results under all conditions.


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