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Glue for printbed

Glue for preparing the printbed.

Contents: 15g


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Shrock Austin
Shrock Austin6 months ago

The glue stick works great for making sure your part does not come loose from the print bed.

Knust Christian2 years ago

Given that there are many comments in the Prusa forum that a glue stick is "not necessary" if the PEI Sheet is thoroughly cleaned, I avoided the use of the stick which came with our two i3MK3S for more than a year. A couple of days back I had a small part in ASA which just would not stick to the PEI sheet and I used the glue stick for the first time. I´ll get myself a box of these now, as the stuff works perfectly. I can lower the bed temperature for ASA (Spectrum ASA 275) from 75 to 65 or 60 degrees, which avoids warping, and the zillions of little remnants of support material in large projects just wash away under hot water when the PEI sheet is cleaned. Guess the glue stick comes with the printer for a reason....

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