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Nozzle X E3D V6 0.4 mm

Nozzle X from E3D's V6 line-up is recommended for printing abrasive materials and at high temperatures, which cause the standard brass nozzle to wear out very quickly.

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This product includes:

  • Nozzle X E3D V6 0.4 mm (1 pcs)


  • Material: Tool-steel


Nozzle X is made from a hardened tool-steel base. Nozzles are nickel-plated to maintain hardness at higher temperatures, and have a WS2 coating applied to provide the nozzle with reduced stick properties. X Nozzles can print any 1,75mm filament, however, they especially excel in longevity and durability when printing with abrasive materials, such as Carbon fiber.

To replace the part/s, please consult our Assembly Manuals. Make sure to follow the manual for your printer model.

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Allen Tim5 months ago

I purchased my MK3S+ Kit one year ago as my first 3D printer, and have been using the standard 0.4mm brass nozzle ever since. The slow degradation of the nozzle over 2500m of Prusament PETG began to take its toll, and printing problems arose. I was struggling with first layer, stringing, blobs, and overall poor quality prints. I played around with Z-lift and retraction, bed and filament temps, etc. Nothing helped.I changed the nozzle to the Nozzle X V6 and cannot believe the difference! The print quality is better than ever, and there is almost no stringing. Overhangs are beautiful, text is crisp, surfaces are shiny and smooth. Even screw threads look fantastic! I will never use a plain brass nozzle again.

F. Diego5 months ago

So far so good. I only got a few prints in but the quality is great. I wish they offered in 0.6-0.8mm but this is far better than the 0.25mm Brass that the MK3s+ came came with.I didnt know the difference with regular steel nozzle but got it anyways. As it turns out, it has a coating to make it print better. See official description below. ______________________________________________Nozzle X by E3DNozzle X is a nozzle designed to address the thermal limitations of a hardened steel nozzle and the poor abrasion resistance of plated copper or brass nozzles. It is coated with WS2, a poly-phobic coating, that reduces the amount of plastic that sticks to the inside of the nozzle. For this reason, Nozzle X should not be maintained the same way as hardened steel or copper nozzles.It can be used with abrasive fillers like glass, kevlar, or carbon reinforcement, but does not support more abrasive fillers, like Boron Carbide, Boron, Boron Nitride, Tungsten, or Tungsten carbide.Recommended cleaning methods: Non-abrasive cloth/rag for external use. Cleaning filament for internal use.Non-recommended cleaning methods: An acupuncture needle or a brass brush can damage the coating. Cold-pulls. Can tear off the WS2 coating.

Stoesz Adrian
Stoesz Adrian5 months ago

So far it has printed the pccf with absolutely no problems whatsoever, i really like this nozzle

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